Our Services:

21 Day Protection Plan: 

Our most common service plan is the every 21 day schedule, from April to October. Following the life cycle of the mosquito, the 21 day plan ensures that the mosquitoes have very little chance to reproduce and reach adulthood.  A trained and experienced applicator will treat your yard by applying a product to pest’s habitats and larvae. Specific areas like grass, trees and bushes are targeted. The product acts as an instant repellent to mosquitoes and other bugs and remains as an invisible barrier,  repelling them for up to 21 days. Mosquito protection services not only make your yard more enjoyable but also SAFER, as these pests can often carry dangerous diseases.  Consistent treatments break the mosquito lifecycle so treatments are incredibly effective almost instantly.

Call for pricing. Multiple neighbors and referral discounts available.

More info. on mosquito protection services: 

  • No long term contracts, you may cancel anytime
  • Free retreats if problems arise between services
  • Treatment schedules may vary dependent on weather, we always text and email our customers of their service date and time

Natural Mosquito Protection

To our friends and neighbors who wish to avoid synthetics, we also offer an all-natural solution for mosquito control.

The natural mosquito plan uses an all natural essential oil solution that eliminates mosquitoes on contact and acts as a natural repellant for several weeks. Since the all natural product breaks down much faster, this product needs to be applied more frequently, therefore we recommend two treatments a month.

Though not quite as effective as our standard botanical treatment, the all-natural treatment is an excellent alternative and still provides relief from these disruptive and potentially harmful pests. Please contact us so we can take a quick tour of your property and discuss a custom plan.

1-Year Fire Ant Treatment

Ouch! Fire Ants Sting! These mean little pests typically nest in soil near structural foundations or in landscaping. They build  large mound nests and will sting humans who bother them. If you  have a fire ant problem, we have the solution.

An on site estimate is required, as treatment cannot be applied to every lot and price is dependant on lot size. Stear clear of fire ants and call us if you have a problem!

Special Event Spray

If you are hosting an outdoor party, wedding or special gathering, you want to prepare a comfortable and safe environment for your outdoor event.

We offer a one-time event spray to ensure unwanted pests don’t bother your guests.

We also have special prices and treatment plans for local wedding vendors, so please reach out to us if you have a consistent need.

Preparing for a party and realize you have a mosquito problem? Many times SAME DAY service is available for last minute mosquito emergencies (yes that’s a thing!)