Image of a tent in a mosquito-free yard.

Defend your event against the onslaught of mosquitoes

Planning a special event outdoors in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area this summer? Afraid what affect mosquitoes will have on its success?

If mosquitoes are forcing you to flee indoors, it's time to reclaim your yard! One call destroys them all. MOSQUITO PATROL.

As the Twin Cities metro mosquito control authorities, our sole mission is to protect your family, your friends and your pets from the invasion of those dreaded, biting pests. Our professional, environmentally safe method eliminates mosquitoes from your yard and maintains its pest-control effectiveness around-the-clock for up to three weeks.

Whether you're planning a barbeque, wedding, graduation, reunion, birthday, pool party, or open house, just call MOSQUITO PATROL at least 24 hours in advance for our SPECIAL EVENT MOSQUITO CONTROL and we’re on our way. Our licensed mosquito control professionals are on patrol throughout the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area targeting mosquitoes in their leafy hideouts with a safe, odorless chrysanthemum-derived treatment that destroys and repels them all.

No more mosquitoes ruining your outdoor special events, keeping you prisoner in your home, or threatening your health! No more! It’s YOUR yard and you should be FREE to enjoy it with your family and friends! FREE to stay and play outdoors after dark! FREE to make great summer memories without a care! FREE…from mosquitoes!

All it takes is one call to MOSQUITO PATROL. With swift and sure aim, our licensed mosquito control professionals stop mosquitoes dead in their tracks and set up an invisible wall of pest protection that lasts up to three weeks. Efficient. Effective. Safe. Guaranteed!

Goodbye uninvited pests! Hello great outdoors!


Our affordable mosquito control service options in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area include:

SPECIAL EVENT MOSQUITO CONTROL: For a mosquito-free fest that will thrill your guests!

  • Barbeques • Weddings • Graduations • Reunions • Birthdays • Pool parties • Open houses
  • Residential or commercial.
  • Alert MOSQUITO PATROL at least 24–48 hours in advance of your outdoor special event.

SEASONAL MOSQUITO CONTROL: For a mosquito-free zone all summer long!

  • Residential or commercial.
  • Ask about MOSQUITO PATROL’s ongoing seasonal application options.

*BONUS PEST CONTROL: Eliminate more than mosquitoes!

  • Get bonus control on other nuisance pests: also kills and repels ticks, fleas, Asian beetles, boxelder bugs, fungus gnats, lawn ants and more.

Get your FREE ESTIMATE today! Call us at 763-473-3424 or register online.

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee the effectiveness of our product. If you are not completely satisfied, we will offer you a re-application at no charge or refund the cost of your application.